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PETA Releases Video of 'Cruel' Lobster Processing Techniques
09/17/2013 02:52 PM ET  

The video shows the claws and tails of live lobsters being removed at a Maine processing plant.

The animal rights group PETA - People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals - today released a video showing lobster processing techniques it considers inhumane. The video shows the claws and tails of live lobsters being removed.

The video, which the organization says was shot undercover by PETA at Linda Bean's Maine Lobster in Rockland, also shows the meat being removed from live crabs.

"The crustacians slaughtered at Linda Bean's are sensible to pain. The lobsters' legs are torn off and their bodies are ripped from their heads and their shells," said PETA's Dan Paden at a noon news conference Tuesday in Portland.

PETA says it's not calling for the end of lobster processing, but says there are more humane ways to kill the creatures before taking them apart for their meat, such as electrically stunning them or using hydrostatic pressure to kill them.

The group's video can be viewed on YouTube here.

This story was reported by Tom Porter and written by Ed Morin.



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