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Republican Collins Wins BIW Union Endorsement
04/24/2014 Reported By:A.J. Higgins  

It was a day of firsts at Bath Iron Works, where members of all four unions opted to give their collective endorsement to a single candidate. And bucking a long-time tradition at the shipbuilding facility, Thursday also marked the first time that the unions chose to support a Republican over a Democrat. A.J. Higgins has more.

Across the Aisle: Impact of BIW Union's Collins Endorsement
04/24/2014 Reported By:Keith Shortall  

The union endorsement of Sen. Susan Collins is the subject of this week's Across the Aisle, with Dan Demeritt, political consultant and former communications director for Republican Gov. Paul LePage, and Cynthia Dill, a practicing attorney and former Democratic U.S. Senate candidate.

MaineCare Rides Contract Award Raises Concerns
04/24/2014 Reported By:Patty B. Wight  

Maine's Department of Health and Human Services has selected new brokers to run the state's MaineCare ride program starting July 1. The program was riddled with problems last year under the Connecticut-based broker Coordinated Transportation Solutions. That company lost its bid for the next contract year, but another out-of-state broker, LogistiCare, won the majority of the new contracts. As Patty Wight reports, some advocacy groups are concerned problems will continue under LogistiCare.

Evicted After Sewage Overflows - and Nowhere to Go
04/24/2014 Reported By:Susan Sharon  

Residents of a Richmond trailer park were ordered to vacate their homes by 5:00 P.M. today because of a sewage overflow problem that required water to be shut off. But most of the residents are low income and on disability or public assistance. Some say they will be forced to sleep in their vehicles. Others don't know where they'll go. And as Susan Sharon reports, they blame the park's owner, who says he's been duped by the man he hired to fix the mess.

Maine Conference Addresses Rail Disaster Readiness
04/23/2014 Reported By:A.J. Higgins  

A tragedy on the Canadian border a year ago has offered lessons for emergency responders here who must be prepared to confront a train derailment anywhere in the state. Fire and police officials who were called to the Lac Megantic derailment last year discussed the experience with their Maine counterparts during a two-day conference in Augusta. But as A.J. Higgins reports, those insights prompted some firefighters to recall their own rail disaster right here in Maine.

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