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Maine Conference Addresses Rail Disaster Readiness
04/23/2014 Reported By:A.J. Higgins  

A tragedy on the Canadian border a year ago has offered lessons for emergency responders here who must be prepared to confront a train derailment anywhere in the state. Fire and police officials who were called to the Lac Megantic derailment last year discussed the experience with their Maine counterparts during a two-day conference in Augusta. But as A.J. Higgins reports, those insights prompted some firefighters to recall their own rail disaster right here in Maine.

Court Refuses to Clear Maine Doctor in Civil Rights Case
04/23/2014 Reported By:Patty B. Wight  

The Maine Supreme Judicial Court has refused to clear an emergency room physician of a woman's claim that he violated her civil rights. The case dates back to 2007, when the patient, who has mental health issues, was detained against her will at MaineGeneral Medical Center. As Patty Wight reports, the lawsuit raises questions about physician liability.

Maine's Elver Season off to Slow Start
04/23/2014 Reported By:Jay Field  

Maine's elver fishing season, already delayed by a few weeks, is off to a slower, less frenzied start, compared with the soaring prices and chaos of the past few years. After a colder-than-normal March, glass eels are finally beginning to make their way into the state's rivers in larger numbers, as the water warms up. But, as Jay Field reports, new state regulations have also limited how many pounds of elvers Maine fishermen can catch.

Advocate for South Sudanese Rebels Makes Case in Maine
04/23/2014 Reported By:Tom Porter  

Several thousand Maine residents are watching the international news with increasing concern at the moment, as tragic events unfold in the world's newest country 6,500 miles away. Most of Portland's Sudanese immigrants come from South Sudan, which achieved independence from Sudan nearly three years ago, following decades of civil war. Many traveled down to Boston to vote for secession, optimistic of a peaceful and prosperous future for this oil-rich nation. But it wasn't to be. A power struggle within the government led to a civil war in which thousands have died over the last few months and almost a million made homeless. The leader of a group supporting rebel forces is visiting Maine this week, and spoke with Maine Things Considered host Tom Porter.

Anti-Minimum Wage Ads Target Maine Voters
04/22/2014 Reported By:A.J. Higgins  

A fiscally-conservative national advocacy group is funding a week-long radio campaign urging opposition to a proposed increase in the federal minimum wage. The Employment Policies Institute claims that such an increase would cause the loss of hundreds of Maine jobs. Predictably, Republicans and Democrats take very different views on the issue. A.J. Higgins has more.

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