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Frequently Asked Questions


The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION is a service of the Maine Public Broadcasting Network in partnership with the Maine State Legislature and provides live coverage of the legislative, judicial and executive branches in Augusta, Maine.


The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION is distributed by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network and is available on the Digital tier of Time Warner Cable. Channel 181 in most of Maine, 171 in Cumberland and York Counties (note that some areas of York and Cumberland Counties will still find the Maine Capitol Connection on Channel 181).

We are reaching out to the other cable systems in Maine about carrying the MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION. If you are a customer and would like to receive it, please call them and request they include it.

If you have a digital television, scan for new channels - its "dot-4" grouped together now with our regular MPBN Television and World Channels...... 10.4 in Presque Isle and Augusta, 12.4 in Bangor, 13.4 in Calais, and 26.4 in Biddeford.

You can also watch the live stream of the MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION on our website.

The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION is not available on Satellite.

Do I need to purchase special software to use this website?

No, you do not need to purchase any software in order to use this site. All required software is publicly available free of charge. The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION video stream will play in any web browser that supports Adobe Flash Player.

Which web browser should I use when visiting the MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION?

Any standards-compliant web browser will render this site accurately. Make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Earlier versions may introduce problems.

Is the MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION a government agency?

The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION is not a government agency. The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION is operated and funded by the Maine Public Broadcasting Network (MPBN).

How is what to cover and when determined?

The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION strives to cover the most relevant and critical issues and discussions taking place moment to moment in Augusta. The MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION management team led by journalist Mal Leary prioritizes what is covered each day in terms of importance and impact to viewers across Maine.

Why does the MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION broadcast schedule change?

Events in Augusta are dynamic and ever changing. While the MAINE CAPITOL CONNECTION tries to provide viewers with an accurate broadcast schedule, many times a special vote, event, or announcement may require coverage and thus an immediate schedule change.

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