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Bull Moose Hosts Doors Drummer for 'Record Store Day'
04/20/2013   Reported By: Irwin Gratz

The sixth annual "Record Store Day" is today.  Record Store Day was the brainchild of Chris Brown from Bull Moose. Now, it's evolved into a national and international event celebrating independent music retailers. MPBN Morning Edition host Irwin Gratz spoke with Brown about this year's event, which features a book signing with John Densmore, the drummer for The Doors.

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Bull Moose Hosts Doors Drummer for 'Record Store D Listen

Chris Brown 2

Chris Brown says the "Record Store Day" event swelled in scope far beyond anything he expected.

"The first year we had around 500 stores, which is way more than I thought. I thought we'd start out with around 200. The second year was crazy. We were well over 1,000. Last year we there were, maybe, 1600 stores worldwide. Nobody in Antarctica celebrates Record Store Day; there aren't any stores there, but we've got every other continent covered. Well, I think that the biggest thing that Record Store Day did was it just changed the conversation. Before Record Store Day, all anybody was talking about was the chain stores closing, people buying fewer CD's. And, what I really wanted to do with Record Store Day was to focus on the good news within the music industry. People still love music. People still think music is worth paying for. And, at the independent store level, we were experiencing - not just at Bull Moose, but all across the country - independent stores were growing. We were selling more music every year. We're going to sell more music every year. We're going to sell more music in 2013 than we did in 2012. It's growing in our sector. And I wanted people to know that: First of all, I wanted our customers to know that because they needed assurance that we would be there for them forever. But the folks in the music industry who were seeing all their colleagues laid off, they needed that good news too. And so that's why they've jumped on this and that's why they're so supportive - with money, with releases. You know, it's like the only good news they've had in years."

Brown admits these have been years of upheavel in the music industry.

"The major shift is that - is really with the pop artists. Because if you wanted one N'Sync song in 1998, you really had to buy a whole album, but now, you can buy a couple of One Direction tracks and maybe you're all set. So there's just less revenue coming in on the pop side. So the monster, monster artists are just smaller. So Katie Perry is smaller than - in terms of record sales or C-D sales, for whatever, add it all together - is gonna sell fewer things than Mariah Carey ever did. Not that either one's better or worse, it's just, that's kind of how it is."

The music industry will support Record Store Day with some new releases. Brown says Bull Moose will also try to make it a more interesting day to shop for that music.

"Every Bull Moose store will have at least one free live concert. Most of them are local Maine and New Hampshire artists, well known ones like Spencer Albee or Dead Season. The most famous person who will be at Bull Moose is John Densmore, who's the drummer of The Doors, and he actually will be signing a book, not playing drums. His second book is coming out on Record Store Day and the hard cover edition is a special, limited edition thing that will only be at independent record and book stores. It's very exciting that he'll be here. There are also more than 450 releases that are coming out on Record Store Day and they'll only be available at independent music stores. It's just a huge variety of people are putting stuff out: there's a Paul McCartney thing, there's Bowie. The big one around here is Mumford and Sons because that was recorded at Bull Moose last August. And what's nice about that is the cover shows the band's backside, but it shows the faces of all their fans who were at the show. So, if you were there, you might be on the cover."

Chris Brown of Bull Moose Music, discussing the sixth annual "Record Store Day."



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