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Some Parents in Dexter Remain Unsatisfied with Hazing Incident Punishments
12/20/2012   Reported By: Jennifer Mitchell

Some parents of students at Dexter High School said they aren't satisfied with punishments issued in connection with hazing incidents involving the football team in November. Two football coaches are facing disciplinary action, and according to one source in the school district who asked not to be named, one of the coaches has tendered his resignation.

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Some Parents Unsatisfied With Punishments Listen

12 students who were involved were suspended from school; four students were suspended for the maximum 10 days; two were out for a week; and six were suspended for a single day.

"It's not just the school, the school has our set of punishments, the police are involved, there's been charges handed out," said Dexter High School Principal Stephen Bell. "I would hope the parents involved have punished their kids."

He acknowledges that some parents are still angry, and made their feelings known at a meeting of the AOS 94 school board on Wednesday night. According to a report in the Bangor Daily News, multiple parents who did not wish to be identified, said they want the school to hand out stricter punishments for what amounted to humiliation and harm to their children. One parent said that her child was forced to lower his pants while other students took turns hitting his backside with a bat, leaving him with bruises.

Bell said he understands the anger that parents are feeling, but he doesn't agree that the punishments handed down are inadequate. The students involved, he said were also given athletic suspensions of up to 30 days in addition to the school suspensions, and community service. And Bell said that now he's starting to hear complaints from parents of the kids who were accused.

"There's some there that are very angry and frustrated for the ongoing pursuit of their kid," Bell said. "They're feeling like look, they've been punished, we've punished them, the school's punished them, the police has punished them, enough's enough."

School board member Marcy King declined to be taped for this story, but said that the case is a very difficult one for her both as a parent and as a board member, and that she'll continue to work with the board see that the district has appropriate policies in place.


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