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Maine Novelist Cathie Pelletier Returns to 'Mattagash' in New Book
05/22/2013   Reported By: Keith Shortall

Allagash native Cathie Pelletier's latest novel, The One Way Bridge, brings readers back to the fictional town of "Mattagash." It's home to a cast of characters that mean more to Pelletier than just so many tools she uses to deliver a plot. Pelletier admits to having a close bond to her characters - knows their faces, and misses them whey they're gone. Keith Shortall spoke with Pelletier recently about the book, which has its origins in an idea born more than 20 years ago, when Pelletier was living in Nashville.

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Maine Novelist Cathie Pelletier Returns to 'Mattag Listen



The One Way Bridge weaves together the lives of the people who live and die in this northern Maine community of Mattagash - by heritage more Scots/Irish than French. There's Orville Craft, the mailman, his archrival Harry Plunkett, and Billy Thunder, the drug dealer, who is not from around here.

On one level it's about small disputes in a small town. But under the surface, Pelletier (above) reveals the larger, more complicated conflicts that dwell within all human beings, no matter where they live. Pelletier insists that the charcters in her novels are not based on real people. But there is a personal connection to an important symbol of this book.

Pelletier will read from her novel, The One Way Bridge, at the University of Maine at Presque Isle Library on June 3.



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