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Climate Scientist: 'Disinformation Campaign' Distorting Global Warming Issue
10/16/2013   Reported By: Tom Porter

Dr. Michael Mann of Penn State University is regarded as one of the world's leading climate scientists. He has spent a lot of time recently fending off attacks from what he calls "climate change deniers." Mann was in Portland today for a public forum at the University of Southern Maine, and was also signing copies of his latest book, "The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars." Dr. Mann spoke with Maine Things Considered host Tom Porter.

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Originally Aired: 10/16/2013 5:30 PM

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The term "hockey stick," Professor Mann says, refers to the shape of the graph signifying the sharp upward curve in global temperatures over the last century and a half. As for the term "climate wars," Mann says it's a fair description of how the debate is playing out.

On a positive note, Professor Mann says last year saw a dip in carbon emissions, which he attributes to the transition of much power generation from coal to natural gas.

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