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Democratic Candidates in the 2nd Congressional District Primary Race

A look at the Democratic Party's 2nd Congressional District hopefuls on the issues.

The winner of the June 10, 2014 Democratic Primary Election will go on to face the winner of the Democratic Primary Election. The seat is being vacated by Democratic Rep. Mike Michaud, who is running for governor in November.


  Emily Cain
Emily Cain
Troy Jackson
Troy Jackson
  Economy/Job Creation  
  Favors investing in infrastructure to stimulate the economy and create jobs by putting people to work fixing roads and bridges. Would also invest in broadband infratructure and better education to strengthen the economy. Would reduce tax breaks and giveaways that have no accountability measures. Thinks Maine-based industries such as farming, fishing and forestry still have good days ahead, but policies in Washington are hurting. Favors ending tax breaks for companies that send jobs overseas. Opposes policies that have led to Maine mills "struggling to find fiber." Favors a bond package he proposed that would encourage more lobster processing in Maine. He says Maine lobsters are shipped to Canada for processing when they could be processed at home, thus creating jobs.  
  Entitlements: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security  
  Believes we need to strengthen Social Security and Medicare for the long run, because the two programs are a foundation for American families and the American way of life. Maine has a large share of older people. People who paid into the system should be taken care of as they grow older. Would make sure programs are sustainable and accountable and transparent, and would examine the tax system to ensure that people are paying their fair share. Strongly opposes reducing benefits for people who have paid into the system and expect the benefits when they retire. "I don't even see these as entitlements. I see those as things that people worked for, they paid into the system, and they expected to get something when they got to their golden years." In the past, he opposed cuts imposed on retirement benefits for state workers and teachers. Favors cutting other programs, if necessary, to maintain the solvency of the Social Security system, but strongly opposes cutting entitlements.  
  Health Care  
  People are finding affordable options easily under the Affordable Care Act, and can now think of growing their businesses in new ways because of ACA options. Believes we also need to tackle health care costs, and prevention, because prevention saves costs down the line. Favors the new health insurance standards established under the Affordable Care Act that require coverage for pre-existing conditions, among other things. "The cost of health care is out of reach for everyday working-class people." Believes "ObamaCare" did not go far enough, and favors universal health care. "The best thing we can do in this country is make sure that everyone has health care at an affordable rate."  
  Supports a woman's right to choose. Believes access to safe, secure abortion services is "absolutely essential" to the quality of life and economic and health potential for Maine women. Thinks abortion is a medical decision between a woman and her doctor. Opposes restrictions on a woman's right to choose. "I'm never going to vote to overturn Roe vs. Wade."  
  Foreign Policy/Russia  
  The Ukraine issue is about Russia trying to show its strength, but doesn't think the U.S. and Russia are reverting to Cold War days. The U.S. has a opportunity to show that "we are much stronger economically, we are much stronger when it comes to all of our capabilities," and we should stand strong and keep Russia at bay. Thinks we should not play into the hands of Putin, who "clearly wants another Cold War rhetoric of U.S. vs. Russia." Believes the U.S. is currently pursuing the right policy with respect to the Ukraine and Russia. Favors a diplomatic solution "to try to get Russia to come to their senses." Favors focusing on domestic issues, rather than foreign conflicts.  
  Thinks that those who are sent into harm's way to defend the U.S. should be taken care of for the rest of their lives. "That means things like mental health and health care, workforce training, the GI Bill," making sure opportunities for higher education exist when vets come home. It means supporting programs like "Joining Forces" (an Obama administration initiative). Believes the U.S. should make sure that those who served in the Armed Forces are taken care of when they come home, and are injured. "People that have problems coming back after serving in conflicts should know that help, their benefits, will be there for them." Favors keeping the nation's commitment to veterans' pensions. "The biggest thing anyone in Washington can do is make good on the nation's commitment to those who serve in the Armed Forces."  
  Climate Change/Environment  
  Supports the Obama administration's policies on climate change. Believes it's time to revisit cap-and-trade programs. Believes climate change is occurring, and we need to do more to reduce pollution. Favors providing federal funds through the Superfund clean-up program for heavily polluted sites.  
  Opposes the Keystone Pipeline. Would use government subsidies provided to oil companies to speed up research into renewable energy alternatives, such as offshore wind, tidal power, solar power and other alternatives. Favors reducing dependence on "dirty fossil fuels," from either foreign or domestic sources. Considers energy conservation a top priority because Maine has a high percentage of homes that are not energy efficient. Strongly favors renewable energy, but thinks that transitioning from foreign oil will be a gradual, methodical process. Favors developing biomass, wood pellets and wind energy because they provide economic opportunities as well as a cleaner environment. Opposes subsidies for oil companies. Regarding shipments of tar sands oil, favors pursuing efforts to "get off it," but expects that to be a gradual process.  
  Thinks the federal government is "too caught up" in the loan business, creating more debt for students. Favors raising the limits on Pell grants, and getting "back to basics" with the federal Direct Loan program. Interest rates should be locked in for the life of a loan. Thinks there should also be a focus on getting costs under control, and that the federal government should invest in STEM training programs, to help get people back to work. Favors congressional action to lower interest rates on student loans. "The cost of college is out of reach for the normal person." Favors creating college loan rates that working-class people can afford. "Giving bank bailouts to Wall Street at the tune that we did and not be willing to step up and do anything about college loans is shameful." He favors beefing up training programs for those who choose not to go to college.  
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