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MPBN Radio Schedule Changes


Starting on Monday, July 6, MPBN is making a couple of minor adjustments to our radio schedule.

We're pleased to now be able to now offer a regular weekly broadcast of TED Radio Hour Friday evenings at 7:00 pm! TED Radio Hour has only aired sporadically over the last couple of years; and we've had many requests to offer this popular program in a regular weekly time slot. TED will replace the Friday evening broadcast of the recorded On Point week in review program, which was often out of date by the time it was broadcast (it is recorded at 10:00 am).

We're also adjusting the late night 11:00 pm - 1:00 am Monday - Thursday lineup. At 11:00 pm, we'll now offer the second hour of the popular Diane Rehm Show, which we haven't been able to offer earlier in the day! This replaces On Point. And at midnight, replacing The Takeaway, we'll offer another on-air chance to hear Maine Calling. Many on-air listeners have not found the noon timeslot to be a convenient to time to hear Maine Calling's focus on important and interesting Maine oriented topics and issues. It is of course also available on-line at

We are certainly aware that there are listeners who will miss On Point. With a limited number of both hours in the day and financial resources, MPBN must also always maintain a balance that also takes into account our diverse membership's preferences. We simply can't air everything! And from time to time, adjustments must be made. Having said that, it is entirely possible that we will be able to include On Point in our offerings at some point in the future, as we explore new ways to bring you more programming! In the meantime, a reminder that On Point is always conveniently available on-line at

Please see the July Experience program guide for more information or visit our on-line weekly schedule at

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