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The Benefits of Membership

The greatest benefit from supporting the Maine Public Broadcasting Network is the tremendous satisfaction you will feel as a member in helping to ensure that quality radio and television programming that informs, inspires and entertains is available for you and others throughout Maine, and parts of New Hampshire and New Brunswick, Canada.

Memberships are available at a variety of levels, from $35.00 and above. You can chose to become a radio member, a television member, or both.

Tax Deductibility

Contributions to the Maine Public Broadcasting Network are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law, minus the fair market value of any thank you gifts or benefits received in return. We make every effort to inform you of the value of your thank you gifts. You can also expect to receive a year-end summary giving report if you give a single gift of $250 or more, or a gift of $75 or more and receive a thank you gift in return. You can expect to receive this giving summary by the end of January if you qualify for this special receipt.

MPBN MemberCard:  Another Great Reason to Become an MBPN Member

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