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Frequently Asked Questions

What opportunities are available to businesses and organizations interested in supporting MPBN?

The Maine Public Broadcasting Network offers underwriters a full multi-media suite of Radio, Television, Internet, and Print. In addition, your business or organization can support MPBN through Challenge Grants, Event Sponsorship, Employee Matching Gifts, Volunteering, or Vehicle Donation

Where will my underwriting message be heard or seen?

MPBN’s Radio and Television signals are statewide, and your message will be seen and heard in all markets from Fort Kent to Kittery, and even in Southern New Hampshire and Maritime Canada. MPBN’s Coverage Maps are available here.

How long is my underwriting message on MPBN Radio, MPBN Television, or

MPBN Radio and audio roll-in underwriting announcements are 10 seconds long (9 seconds during AM and PM Drive) and can accommodate roughly 12 to 15 words. Most MPBN Television underwriting spots are 15 seconds long and typically include 20 to 25 words.

What can I say in my underwriting message?

Underwriting credit language, like traditional advertising, is a marketing message that identifies your company, products, and services. Additionally, inherent in your MPBN underwriting message is your demonstrated commitment to your community. And MPBN’s sponsors’ messages stand out because there’s less visual and auditory “noise” compared to our commercial counterparts.

Your Underwriting Sales Representative will work with you to craft effective and creative scripts that best communicate your marketing message within the public broadcasting ethos and FCC guidelines.

Announcements may incorporate information regarding:

  • Company Name (required by law) and location
  • Web site address and/or telephone number
  • Factual product features or description of services
  • Established slogans or mottos that otherwise conform to non-commercial guidelines
  • Logos, moving images, or animation (Television only)
  • Value-neutral, instrumental music beds (Television only)

Announcements may not contain:

  • Calls to action
  • Price or value information
  • Inducements to buy, sell, or lease
  • Comparatives and superlatives
  • Possessive pronouns
  • Jingles


How are MPBN’s underwriting rates structured?

For Radio and Television underwriting, MPBN offers flexible, per-spot rates based on dayparts. There is no minimum contract length, but discounts are available for 13-, 26-, and 52-week commitments. Traditional program sponsorship, narrower dayparts, and specific days of the week are available at a premium as inventory allows. To request rate cards for MPBN Radio, MPBN Television,, or Experience magazine, please contact Susan Tran, MPBN’s Underwriting Sales Manager, via e-mail or by calling 800-884-1717.

I’ve heard that underwriting is tax-deductible. Is this true?

In general, yes. Under most circumstances, you can claim the cost of your program underwriting message as a philanthropic contribution. Under other circumstances, it may be regarded as an advertising cost which is usually considered to be a regular business expense. Please consult with your financial advisor or accountant to see which option works best for your business or organization.

Does MPBN produce all of the underwriting credits, and is there a charge for that service?

MPBN provides voice-overs (audio) for both radio and television underwriting messages. Simple television visuals using still images or client-supplied b-roll can usually be produced in our studios at no cost. For projects requiring more than the standard amount of production time, MPBN will charge an hourly fee. If your visual needs are complex, we may recommend an outside production studio.

We do require that all underwriting messages on MPBN Radio and are voiced by MPBN personalities. On MPBN Television, we are able to offer a bit more flexibility. If your business or organization would prefer to supply a professionally produced underwriting spot for Television, we will be happy to work with it provided the spot complies with the FCC guidelines and fits within the public broadcasting ethos.

How can I learn more about Underwriting and Business Support opportunities with MPBN?

Please contact Susan Tran, MPBN’s Underwriting Sales Manager, via e-mail or by calling 800-884-1717.

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