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What's YOUR Frequency? 

It occurred to us that MPBN radio listeners are pretty proud of their listening choice, but had no real way of sharing with the world just how much they listen to MPBN.

Until now!

How many hours do YOU spend listening to MPBN Radio?

10 hours? 20? 50?!

Let us know!

Tell us how many hours you listen each week, and we'll send you a personalized MPBN car window sticker, shown above, with YOUR frequency (and be advised, we round up!).

Shoot us an e-mail at, tell us what your favorite radio programs are, and approximately how many hours you listen each week.

Or, stop by MPBN's offices in
Bangor, Lewiston or Portland and ask for one in person.


It’s time to show off how much you love MPBN and MPBN Radio!



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