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High School Basketball Tournament on MPBN


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What dates will MPBN be televising basketball?

Wednesday, February 18
Thursday, February 19
Friday, February 20
Saturday, February 21
Friday, February 27
Saturday, February 28

How do I watch a game?

Go to MPBN's High School Basketball Tournament Schedule page for the schedule of games and the channels which are carrying that game. Note: the channel information for MPBN over-the-air channels is the most reliable because MPBN controls its over the air channel assignments. The channel information for cable and satellite providers is less reliable because MPBN does not control the channel assignments by cable and satellite providers.

How do get a DVD of a game?

Click here...

How long has MPBN been televising the games?

The first tournament games were broadcast in 1979, or 36 years of continuous coverage.

Why does MPBN broadcast games from the annual basketball tournament?

Annual tournament coverage is a long-standing tradition at MPBN. It provides a showcase for young athletes to compete in the most popular sport in the state.

But it's about more than just sports. MPBN’s coverage allows many fans who can not attend the games in person the opportunity to see their hometown teams, relatives and neighbors compete for the championship titles. From Fort Kent to Kittery, residents of the state come together to support their children and their communities.

Every three years, the Maine Principals’ Association solicits bids from television stations in Maine for the rights to broadcast the games. MPBN has successfully secured the rights for 2013 and 2014.

Who determines the tournament schedule and the locations where the games will be played?

The Maine Principals’ Association (MPA) determines the annual tournament schedule which are held at the Augusta Civic Center, the Cross Insurance Center in Bangor and the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland. Visit the MPA website for more information about the MPA.

Does the tournament schedule differ from year to year?

Generally no, however the MPA has made some changes to the schedule and format over the years. For example, the tournament used to take place over the course of four weeks. But beginning in 2006, the schedule was compressed to two weeks. Prior to 2006, MPBN was never faced with the task of broadcasting from three locations simultaneously, which it has neither the equipment nor the personnel to do. In cooperation with Time Warner Cable, MPBN is able to broadcast the state championship games from the Cross Insurance Arena in Portland (the Class A and Class B state championship games rotate between Augusta, Bangor and Portland each year).

What is involved in broadcasting the games?

MPBN has close to 50 production personnel working as talent, producers, directors, camera operators, graphic and audio operators, and technicians.

Does MPBN provide games scores and team standings?

This information is posted after the games on our website.


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