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Caring for the Caregiver

It's the simple things that matter.
by Kelli

My Uncle was diagnosed with early set Alzheimer's at the age of 55. He lost his job, apartment, everything. At first we thought he just had depression, so he moved in with his mother (my grandmother who is 78). We soon began to realize he wasn't just depressed, it was something else. We took him to the doctors and they first told us it was water on the brain. After a few tests they then realized it wasn't water on the brain, but early onset Alzheimer's. Our family was shocked because we knew no one in our family who had Alzheimer's and were confused as to why this happened to my uncle.

Once he was diagnosed, he has gotten worse and worse. To the point where there are times I can't look at him because I don't want to believe it. He can't make his own food, or even sometimes go to the bathroom on his own. He can't read, and can't even write his own name. His movement skills have gone down as well, he moves as if he is my 78 year old grandmother who just had hip replacement surgery. It's so hard to see Alzheimer's not only take over his life, but my grandmother's as well. She has a hard enough time getting around herself, let alone help my uncle during every meal, pick up after him, help him shower, etc. I can not believe how fast this has spread and how significantly worse it gets almost every time I see him.

If you know anyone who has Alzhiemer's and are close with them, a simple visit will make their day, seriously. And to their caregivers, let them know how amazing they are and if they need help, take that seriously and help them and mean it. Even checking up on them every so often to see how they're doing will make the caregiver feel better.


Everyone has a Story to Share!  Are you a caregiver?    Do you know someone with Alzheimer's?    How have you been touched by Alzheimer's disease?  SHARE YOUR STORY!

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