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Within Sight of Shore
September 15, 2012  
Black and white photo of HMCS Esquimalt

This documentary tells the tragic story of the HMCS Esquimalt, her captain and the legacy they both left behind.

On April 16th 1945, HMCS Esquimalt, a Canadian Minesweeper led by Captain Robert C. Macmillan, became the last Canadian ship sunk in the Second World War. Torpedoed off the coast of Nova Scotia, those that survived the blast were stranded for 6½ hours in the ice-cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean, leaving only 27 of the 71-man crew alive. Within Sight of Shore is a documentary film following the son of her captain, celebrated Canadian composer Scott Macmillan as he commemorates this event with an original composition. Within Sight of Shore tells a great Canadian war story from a uniquely Atlantic Canadian perspective, as music celebrates a ship, a captain and the legacy left behind.

 Within Sight of Shore was produced by Ian Macmillan.


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[Within Sight of Shore originally aired on MPBN Community Films February 2, 2012.]



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