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The Story of the Acadians
October 4, 2014  
A photograph of Acadia reenactors

The Story of the Acadians spans one-hundred-seventy years beginning with the arrival of the French at Isle St. Croix off the coast of Maine in 1604 and ending with the construction of the Acadian Line in France in 1774.

It is a tale of discovery, tragedy and determination- of a peace loving people who never give up. Learn how that first French settlers brought with them prefabricated homes from France, hear about their strong relations with the native people whose alliances helped to save their lives, witness the innovative designs of the French in construction of the unique fortresses they built, as well as the intricate system of dykes they introduced into North America.

Most of all, learn how the French became Acadians with a culture of their own- a culture of family values, of hard work and of a determination never to be destroyed despite numerous attacks by the British, assaults which culminated in one of the worst human tragedies of all time, the Deportation from Nova Scotia.

The Story of the Acadians was produced by Brenda Jepson of Crown of Maine Productions

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[The County originally aired on MPBN Community Films July 31, 2014.]

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