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Get onboard “Maine’s Underground Railroad” with a unique series of lessons and activities.  Referenced to the Maine Learning Results, the unit investigates Maine’s role in slavery and abolitionism from pre-Civil War to modern times.  With both teacher-directed activities and a student-directed webquest, called “Following Freedom’s Star,” students can achieve a personal relationship to the material across content areas.  Imbedded in the webquest is a GIS mapping project with instructions and data, compatible with software and capabilities of MLTI laptops.

                                -- Curriculum Design by Margaret Shaw Chernosky

 Download Teacher Guide:
Maine Experience“Maine’s Underground Railroad”
  adobe pdf

Download Student Guide:
Maine Experience“Maine’s Underground Railroad”
adobe pdf

Community and Member Benefits, Contests, Youth Leadership Camp and to find a grange near you: Maine State Grange (207) 623-3421

From political action to cruise discounts, more info on the benefits of grange life on the National Grange level:

An extensive museum on agricultural life in the Houlton area is the Southern Aroostook Agricultural Museum in Littleton, ME: (207) 538-9300


“A Fair Field and No Favor": A Concise History of the Maine State Grange by Stanley Russell Howe

Extensive collections archiving the practical history of Maine can be seen in the changing exhibits at the Maine State Museum

The program was shot at Washburn-Norlands Living History Center, where visitors can experience life at the turn of the 19th century.

Other Living History Centers in the area include Willowbrook Museum Village and many historical societies have exhibits showing the practical tools for winter survival in the early America of your town.

To find your local historical society, see:


Many of Eric Sloane’s books tell how early Americans lived and use his fascinating illustrations to show the details of their lives.  These include:

Once Upon a Time:  The Way America Was

Diary of an Early American Boy:  Noah Blake – 1805


Deborah Dubrule has written extensively about the island,  see one article in The Working Waterfront Newspaper

For more information on the island, its natural history, and its preservation, contact the Maine Coast Heritage Trust(207) 729-7366

Learn more about Malaga as seen through the eyes of the missionaries.  The Lane Scrapbooks are excerpted on the website of the New England Historic Genealogical Society

Additional resources about African Americans in Maine at and through the African American Collection of Maine, part of the Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diversity at the University of Southern Maine.


Lizzie Bright and The Buckminster Boy by Gary D. Schmidt

(Please note this is a fictional account for young people based on the Malaga Island story. Some of the historical inaccuracies include portraying the African-Americans as descended from slaves and condensing the geography of Phippsburg so that characters cover unrealistic distances.)

A review of this book can be found in
"The Working Waterfront."

Maine's Visible Black History: The First Chronicle of Its People by H.H. Price and Gerald E. Talbot. Wide-ranging history of African Americans in Maine with many illustrations, personal reminiscences and articles.

Washburn-Norlands Living History Center sponsors an ice harvesting day each winter – come for hot chocolate, a sleigh ride, and a chance to try your hand at sawing ice!  (207) 897-4366

Northeast Historic Films offers a compilation video of their ice harvesting footage called “Ice Harvesting Sampler.”  Much of the footage used in the “Maine Experience” segment “White Gold” came from Northeast’s collection.  Their video is enhanced by the narration of Philip C. Whitney, president of the New England Tool Collectors Association.   (800) 639-1636


Tidewater Ice of the Kennebec River by Jennie G. Everson

More information about Mellie Dunham

A great source for New England Fiddle Music is:

"New England Fiddler's Repertoire" by Randy Miller & Jack Perron

Available from Great Meadow Music, Keene, NH

Great Meadow Music, in Keene, NH, is also a prime source for books, recordings and videos about New England traditional fiddle music and dance.

“The Ballad of Paul Bunyan” is just one of many songs about Maine life by Joe Pickering

Civil War re-enactments for this segment took place at the Willowbrook Museum Village, a living history center that even includes a carousel from 1894!  (207) 793-2784

Learn more about the 3rd Maine Regiment, Company “A,” including a schedule of Civil War reenactments open to the public

York, Maine’s “Confederate” statue and other historic landmarks are part of the Old York Museums (including The Old York Historical Society, housing a library and archive)

See your local historic society for more information about statues in your town or county via a list of Maine historic societies

At Roadside America’s website, you can find interesting and offbeat statues and places to visit in Maine, including their page about how to find “Muffler Men.”

Search Maine state tourist attractions




Learn more about Bernard Langlois, the sculptor of the American Indian statue in Skowhegan:

Bernard Langlois, The middle years by Hugh Gourley


Read about Bowdoin College's affinity for their Pines and the commuinty organized trail.

For a view into the life of 18th century Mainers, visit the Tate House, Historic House Musuem, Portland, ME:



To find an Osteopathic physician in your community contact the Maine Osteopathic Association at (207) 623-1101.

Intersted in the history of Osteopathic medicine in Maine? Contact the New England Osteopathic Heritage Center.

For more information about Maine's only medical college and receiving an Osteopathic education -- go to


100 Years of Osteopathic Medicine in Maine by Maine Osteopathic Association


The basilica is open most days for self-guided tours.  For a docent guided tour, please contact (207) 777-1200.

The largest scholarly repository of information on the Franco-American experience in Maine is available at the Franco American Collection at USM, Lewiston-Auburn: (207) 753-6545.    

Extensive resources on the historic and modern experience of Franco American women can be found at The Franco American Women’s Institute



Stories and a play by Franco American women (originally written in French) that bridges time from their lives to today: 

Canuck and other Stories edited by Rhea Cote Robbins.    

The Catholic Church in the Land of the Holy Cross (A history of the Diocese of Portland, Maine) by Vincent A. Lapomarda is available through the Catholic Diocese of Portland, (207) 773-6471.


Larry Ross’s guided tour of the Lindbergh Crate Museum in Canaan, Maine is by appointment only.  Please e-mail or call (207) 474-9841.

The most extensive website for information on Lindbergh, including personal reminiscences of people who met him:


Lindbergh had many connections to Maine, especially North Haven, where his wife Anne Morrow Lindbergh’s family lived.  When Charles and Anne made their historic flight to the Orient in 1931, their seaplane left from North Haven.  Read more in her book, North to the Orient.


Lindbergh by A. Scott Berg


Seashore Trolley Museum, Kennebunkport, ME  (207) 967-2712, this site includes links to various other trolley and transportation museums in New England.

Visit Rockland, ME and experience its newest transportation and sightseeing service at the All Abroad Trolley Company (207) 594-9300

Fort Knox, Prospect, ME (207) 469-6553

More information on Fort Knox as a historic site from Maine Department of Preservation, Bureau of Parks & Lands

To view Seth Eastman's (1808-1875) painting Fort Knox, Maine and for a brief description of Fort Knox and more information about other forts in the United States, visit the United States Senate online.



Fort Knox: Fortress of Maine by John E. Cayford



Lenora Blouin, an authority on May Sarton, has written a biography about Sarton for the web and an extensive bibliography of Sarton’s novels, poetry, plays, letters, criticism and materials about her. 




Some of the poems heard in the “Maine Experience”  segment are included in Sarton's book, Letters from Maine: new poems. [1st ed.] New York: Norton, c1984.

Many other poems can be found in the anthology of her poetry:  Collected poems, 1930-1993. New York: W.W. Norton, c1993.

A unique window into Sarton’s life and work can be found in her extensive correspondence:

Selected letters / May Sarton, 1916-1954. edited and introduced by Susan Sherman. New York: Norton, 1997.

Selected letters / May Sarton, 1955-1995. edited by Susan Sherman. New York: Norton, 2002.

Take a road trip and enjoy the scenic beauty of Maine’s covered bridges for yourself courtesy of the Maine Department of Transportation


Maine's Covered Bridges (ME) (Images of America) (Paperback) by Joseph D. Conwill


The Department of Conservation’s official web site for Colonial Pemaquid has information, map and directions to the historic site.

The Friends of Colonial Pemaquid’s web site includes educational materials and a schedule of activities at the Fort.


Bangor Public Library Bangor Room

Bangor Museum and Center for History


The Journals of John Edwards Godfrey, Vols. 1-3  (1863-1869, 1870-1877, 1878-1884) Godfrey, John Edwards    1979

Bangor Maine: An Illustrated History 1769-1976

Vickery, James    1976

The Solid Men of Bangor: Economic, Business and Political Growth on Maine's Urban Frontier, 1769-1845

Arndt, John Christopher    1987



See the real Tourmaline Necklace that Admiral Peary gave his wife Josephine at the Maine State Museum in Augusta.

At Perham’s in West Paris, you can view some of the most extraordinary gems and mineral collections around the state : 

To learn more about Josephine Peary and her extraordinary life, visit the Maine Women Writers Collection



Maine’s Treasure Chest by Jane C. Perham, G.G.

Explore more about “The Bridge” and other great stories about Harpswell at the Harpswell Historical Society


Bailey Island: Memories, Pictures & Lore by Nancy Orr Johnson Jensen

The Pearl of Orr's Island by Harriet Beecher Stowe


To get a sense of why people in the 19th  century were anxious to get their children out of the cities, see the fascinating Allied Waste Kids Trash Timeline.

Several camps mentioned in “The Way Childhood Should Be” are still going strong and tell their histories on their web sites:

The Campfire Girls trace their origins to Maine’s Camp Wohelo -- The Luther Gulick Camps.

The oldest girls camp in Maine is Wyonegonic 

“Baynie” Williams attended Camp Runoia on picturesque Great Pond.

Steve Gold & Tony Asch were interviewed at Camp Winnebago on beautiful Echo Lake in Fayette, Maine.

Or, to find out more about other summer camps in Maine, check out the Maine Youth Camping Association

Books & Articles:

Jeff Clark, "They Took to the Woods," Downeast Magazine, v. 39, no. 6 (January 1993), 52.

Eleanor Eells, “History of Organized Camping: The First 100 Years” (Martinsville, Ind.: American Camping Association, 1986)


For more info on how to ride the Katahdin, visit Katahdin Cruises and the Moosehead Marine Museum

The Moosehead Historical Society has changing exhibits in their restored mansion as well as a Lumberman's Museum, Native American artifact exhibits, and an extensive display of hand-crafted models depicting the steam vessels which once plied the waters of Moosehead Lake.

Books & Articles:

Moosehead Lake’s most famous Native American (author of over 500 works) is Henry Red Eagle.  See his article "Historic Moosehead Lake, Early Explorers and Pioneers." In the Maine Woods, 1936.

MacDougall, Walter M. "Moosehead Lake Steamboats." Down East, 9, May 1963.


The Maine Historical Society now archives the CMP historical collection, as well as many other outstanding collections.


"The Light from the River: Central Maine Power's First Century of Service" by Clark T. Irwin, Jr.

Maine Maritime Museum is an invaluable resource for finding out about Maine's Maritme history, sailmaking and other nautical topics.

To find out about issues concerning Maine's working coastal communities check out "The Working Waterfront"


The Strategic Air Command site has additional information about Loring Air Base, including more about its history.

The Dartmouth website has links to several websites about Loring Air Base.

Find out more about the town of Limestone, Maine and its history.

The present and future of Loring can be explored at the site of the Loring Commerce Center.

Have fun with the potato economy of Aroostook county.


Find lots of good facts about Louis Sockalexis at Ed Rice's site for his book "Baseball's First Indian."

Visit a remarkable shrine dedicated to Sockalexis

What would baseball be without statistics?

Learn some quotes by and about Sockalexis.



"Baseball's First Indian," by Ed Rice.  Tide-mark Press

"Indian Summer: The forgotten story of Louis Sckalexis" By Brian McDinald,  Rodale Press.

"Louis Sockalexis:  The First Cleveland Indian" by David L. Fleitz.
McFarland Publishing.

Find out more about the work of Maine's First Ship, an organization building a full-sized replica of the ship "Virginia"

The Maine Maritime Museum houses many hands-on exhibits and is worth a visit in person!

Learn more about Maine's celebration of the
400th Anniversary of the Popham Colony

The Popham Colony has an excellent web site of their own.

The Peabody Essex Marine Museum specializes in maritime art.


Quinn, David B. & Alison M. Quinn, Editors. The English New
England Voyages 1602- 1608 The Hakluyt Society, London, 1983.
ISBN #0-904180-14-X Even though information has become
available since 1983, this excellent volume is far and away the best
look at this fascinating period. Every library should have a copy!

Wahll, Andrew J. Sabino, Popham Colony Reader 1602 - 2000.
Heritage Books, Bowie MD. ISBN #0-7884-1581-6. A compendium
from many directions, old and new. A good resource.

Eckstorm, Fannie Hardy, Old John Neptune and Other Maine Indian
Shamans. Portland, 1945. Marsh Island Reprint, Orono, ME, 1980
Excellent background on tribal movement and development in
Maine from the late 16th to the early 20th centuries.

Kemp, Peter, Editor. The Oxford Companion to Ships and the Sea.
Oxford University Press, NY 1988. ISBN 0-19-282084 (paperback) A
magnificent resource, and widely available.

Some of the footage used in this segment has never been seen before.  It's newly transferred from the original film, part of the Nuna Cass Collection, Northeast Historic Film, a movie archive in Bucksport, Maine.


"David Libbey : Penobscot woodman and river-driver" by Fannie H. Eckstorm Publisher Boston, Beacon Press, 1907.

'The Last Log Drive", Northern Woodlands magazine, Autumn 2006.

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