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Articles on Autism Related Topics Written by Maine Medical Professional
for "Making Our Way: Autism"

Occupational Therapy and Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)

Leslie Michaud, Occupational Therapist

“Occupational” in the title Occupational Therapy speaks to a focus on occupation.  What occupy us every day are the activities we do and the roles will fill in our lives.  This is a broad range that spans from our personal hygiene activities, to our work activities in our homes and at our jobs, to our play and social activities.  When we complete these activities, depending on the setting, we fulfill roles in our lives-perhaps as member of a family, as a friend, as a student… Throughout our life span, we may face events that interrupt our ability to complete these activities and fulfill these roles.
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Universal Screening to Early Identification of Children with Autism

Nancy Cronin, Maine Developmental Disabilities Council

The American Academy of Pediatrics [2007] has reported that studies indicate early intervention services for young children with ASD significantly improves the children’s prognosis and should begin as early as 18 months of age.  Research showed that almost all children with ASD benefit from early intervention therapies.  The research further indicates that one-third of children receiving early intervention services improved so much that their need for ongoing support was dramatically reduced.
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Speech Therapy & Augmentative Communication for Children on The Autism Spectrum


Dena Polko MS, CCC-SLP, Amy Putnam MS, CCC-SLP, Caroline Fournier, MA, CF-SLP, Katherine Quigley MS, CCC-SLP

A speech-language pathologist (SLP) is part of the team that diagnoses and treats individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  Because problems with communication and social skills are often the first symptoms of autism, an SLP is frequently the first practitioner seen by the family during the diagnosis process.  Parents may have noticed that their child is not speaking or has lost words he was previously able to say. 
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