Home: The Story of Maine: They Came By Sea

Lesson 1: Design a Transportation Stamp

Grading Rubric #1
Committee Work Points Possible Points Received
1. Our group worked together well, listening carefully and completing the necessary tasks on time. 5  
2. Our research was thorough. We found information on the history of our form of transportation, when it arrived in Maine, and how it affected Maineís economy and/or culture. 20  
3. We used at least five sources in our research, including at least two that were non-Internet sources. 10  
4. We designed a colorful, attractive stamp that features our form of transportation. 10  
5. Our presentation was convincing and well rehearsed. It included exciting visuals. 10  
6. Our presentation was 7-10 minutes long. Every member of the group took part in the presentation. 10  
Individual Work    
7. My letter to the U.S. Postal Service is 2-3 pages, typed and double-spaced. 5  
8. In my letter, I state my position clearly, and back up my argument using examples from my groupís research. 20  
9. My letter is persuasive. It has a minimum of grammatical and mechanical errors. 10  
10. I fulfilled my role in my group to the best of my ability. 10  
Total Points: 110