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Lesson #3: Making a Living
Budget Worksheet

Supporting yourself is a difficult task, especially if you have many children. Many families write budgets to help them keep track of the money they save and the money they spend. While itís unlikely that many colonial Maine families wrote formal budgets, most families made plans as to how they would support themselves. Use this form to help plan your finances. You will need to make specific estimates of your expenses and your income. For example, you might estimate that your family will eat 4015 eggs in one year (one egg per person per day), while your 15 chickens may lay about 5475 eggs a year (one a day for each chicken). You will then have 1460 eggs left over to sell at market. Be as specific as possible. Use another sheet if you need more room.


Estimated Expenses

Estimated Income

Total loss (-) or gain (+)

Ways to use gain or make up for loss

Food (list quantity and kind)

*Note: Remember that you must feed your livestock and your family members.




4015 eggs




5475 eggs

+1460 eggs




Sell extra eggs at market or barter with neighbor.




Clothing (list quantity and kind)








Shelter / Home Maintenance

(including repairs, fuel, and other general household items)








Other Items (add items not listed below, if necessary)