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Program 11: The Penobscot Expedition and The Revolution

The Castine Loyalists

During the American Revolution, nearly 20 percent of Americans remained loyal to Britain. Many of them were persecuted and were the victims of boycotts and mob violence. As the war progressed, they found it increasingly difficult to earn a living. As a result, they began to depend heavily on the royal coffers to sustain themselves.

In an effort to solve the Loyalist question, the British decided to build a fort at present-day Castine. Many Loyalists lived there until the end of the Revolution when it became clear that the Province of Maine would be part of the new nation. At that point, many of the Castine Loyalists dismantled their homes and sailed for New Brunswick. The Castine Loyalists settled in St. Andrews, New Brunswick, on Passamaquoddy land where a number of their houses still stand.

Read interviews excerpts from Passamaquoddy elders about the tribe’s role in the Revolution on the eastern Frontier and the Castine Loyalists.

Hugh Akagi Interview Excerpts

Donald Soctomah Interview Excerpts

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