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"A Place Apart" - The Story Behind the Image of Maine
Assignment 2

You and the members of your team have been hired by the Maine Office of Tourism to develop a pamphlet advertising a region of Maine. The Office of Tourism plans to distribute your pamphlet to Chambers of Commerce throughout the region and to publish it on the Internet. Your team's task is to research your assigned region and develop an attractive and inviting pamphlet. Follow the directions below.


1. Each member of your research team must be responsible for a given section of the pamphlet. First, plan your pamphlet in outline form. What do you want to include? Then, split tasks up among the members of your team. Suggested sections of the pamphlet are:

  • recreation
  • historical landmarks
  • natural landmarks
  • business and industry
  • area wildlife
  • natural resources

2. Research your topic. Use the Internet, the library, newspapers and magazines, books, and people. Make sure you use at least three sources, and that at least one is a non-Internet source.

3. Report back to your group with the information you found. Design your pamphlet as a group. What will it look like? What pictures, maps, and/or drawings will you include to make it visually interesting? Your pamphlet should:

  • Be 5-7 pages long, typed, single-spaced, with visual included.
  • Include visuals (i.e. pictures, drawings, various maps). Specifically, it must include at least one well-drawn map of the region, with the important physical features of the region identified.
  • Include a statement that explains how the physical features of your region of Maine make it an interesting place to visit.
  • Be grammatically correct, and punctuated properly.
** Important: Do not lift any written material from the Internet or from any source. This is called plagiarizing and it is a crime. You must write your own original material. Ask your teacher for more details.

4. Present your pamphlet to the class. Make sure all members of the group take part in the presentation.

5. Grade yourself on your group work and your individual work using the Grading Rubric.

6. Have fun!

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