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"A Place Apart" - The Story Behind the Image of Maine
Assignment 3: A Visual History of the Image of Maine - Exhibit and Essay

The first European explorers who came to Maine's shores advertised Maine as a faraway land of beauty and abundant resources. Europeans came here and settled because of the tales they had heard of this land. Since then, Maine's image--the way the state appears to outsiders--has affected its history. But Maine is more than just an image, isn't it?

Your task is to create a museum exhibit of the Visual History of the Image of Maine. Your exhibit should trace the image of Maine, from its first discovery by Europeans to the modern-day tourist industry. You will also write an essay to accompany your exhibit. Follow the directions below.


1. Plan your exhibit. Choose 7-10 graphics, either from magazines and newspapers, or that you create yourself. The graphics you choose should reflect the image of Maine as it has developed and changed throughout history, based on the information presented in the Maine Public Broadcasting program, A Place Apart: The Story Behind the Image of Maine.

2. Arrange your graphics neatly on a large piece of posterboard. Title each graphic: what does it reflect about the image of Maine?

3. Write an essay to accompany your exhibit. Your essay should explain each of the graphics you have chosen. It should also discuss the significance of those graphics. Consider the following questions in your essay:

  • In what ways is Maine "a place apart"? In what ways is it not a place apart?
  • How has that image of Maine affected the state's economy, history, and identity?
  • If you could come up with a different image of Maine, what would it be?

4. Your essay should be 3-4 pages long, typed, and double-spaced. It will be displayed in the classroom along with your Visual History exhibit, so it should reflect your neatest and best work.

5. Title both your exhibit and your essay. Think of a catchy title that describes your project well.

6. On the due date, hand in your exhibit and essay with your name, date, and the title clearly labeled.

7. Evaluate your own performance using the grading rubric.

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