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Place Names Chart

Penobscot or Passamaquoddy/Maliseet Place Name

English Place Name

Meaning of Penobscot, Passamaquoddy/Maliseet, Micmac or Abenaki Name

Katahdin Mount Katahdin Principal mountain or hill
Nicatow Medway Fork of a river
Matawamkeag Mattawamkeag At the mouth a gravel bar
Mugaleepahwangan A small pond outside of Lincoln The caribou trail (the pond used to be part of an old caribou route)
Skutahzis Eskutassis Stream Brook trout stream
Passadumkeag Passadumkeag River Above the gravel bar
Oolamon-oosuk Olamon Island Red paint place (natural occurrence of red hematite, used as adornment)
Pannawambskek Indian Island and Old Town Where the ledges spread out (after the many falls between Bangor and Old Town)
Penobscot Penobscot River At the descending rock (originally meant to refer to a section of the river between Old Town and Bangor)
Skitikuk Stillwater River Still water, dead water
Madamiscomtis Blackman Stream, Bradley Plenty of alewives
Wabenobanktuk Veazie Falls White-water falls
Mitanganessuk First Falls at Eddington Bend Head of the tide
Kenduskeag Kenduskeag Stream Eel-weir place
Edalawikekehadimuk Hampden Narrows Place where they made markings or writings (according to an old legend, rock-fairies would mark the rocks here to record the number of canoes that went by)
Edalitwakilmauk Bald Hill Cove, Winterport Place where you have to run up hill (according to an old custom, men and women would run up the gravel bluff here to see who was the fastest)
Kwikwimeswiticook Marsh River Black duck stream`
Passagassawaukeag Belfast Bay Place for spearing sturgeon by torchlight
Catawamtek Lermondís Cove, Rockland Great landing place (this was used as a principal landing; from here, canoes could be carried to three different westward routes)
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