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"A Love for the Land": Where Are You? Who Are You?
Take a Walk Worksheet

Every community has a variety of ways in which it uses its land. What kinds of ways do you notice the land being used in your community? Take a long walk around your neighborhood. Answer the following questions as you walk. You may need to ask your parents or your teacher for help with a few of them.

  1. I live (in a city) (in a town) (in a small village) (out in the country). (circle one)

  2. How many homes are there on your street? ______
    Are most of them apartments or houses, or a combination of both?


  3. Do the homes have yards?
    If so, about how big are the yards?


  4. How do people use their yards?
    Do they have gardens? Swing sets? A place for dogs to run?
    Give some examples of different ways that people on your street use their yards.


  5. If there are no yards on your street, is there a park nearby?
    About how big is it?

    What kinds of things do people do in the park?


  6. How many trees are there on your street?

  7. Watch your street for ten minutes and mark down how many cars pass by.

    Would you call your street quiet or busy?

  8. How many businesses are there in your neighborhood?

    What kinds of businesses are they?


  9. Which are there more of in your neighborhood: homes or businesses?

  10. Approximately how far away is the nearest farmland from your home?

    What do they grow there?

  11. Estimate the amount of land in your neighborhood that is public property (i.e. a city park, roadways, public access beach, etc.).

  12. Is there land in your neighborhood that is privately owned but is available for public use? How do people use it?


  13. Is there any property in your community that has been abandoned (homes, farms, vacant lots, etc)? What kind of property is it?

    How do you react when you walk by a piece of land that has been abandoned?

  14. List all the ways that your family uses the land in your neighborhood or community (ride bikes on the roads, garden, hike in the park, swim in the lake, etc.).

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