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Food Manufacturers in Maine, ca. 1900

Below is a list of several food manufacturers in Maine from about 1900. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but it should give you an idea of the kinds of foods that were being grown and sold in Maine at the time. Compare the list below to the list of foods you find on your scavenger hunt at the supermarket. What is the same? What has changed? (Some of the items on this list include contemporary advertisements, for your reading pleasure.)


John Sargent, potato dealer, Bridgewater Centre

Cayting & Palmer, produce dealer, Bangor.

Thorndike & Hix, wholesale produce, Portland.

Meat & Dairy:
Forest City Creamery, Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Sweet Cream, Milk, Skim-Milk, Buttermilk, and Fine Creamery Butter. Churned fresh every day and put up in any style to suit the trade. Portland.

W.W. Dunn is known as the egg man of Portland, and rapidly is establishing his reputation as the largest dealer in that product of the state.

Armour & Co., Beef, Calais. Alfred Saunders, Manager.

Gardiner Beef Co., William E. Browne, Mgr., Gardiner.

J.W. Giles, Milk dealer, Boothbay.

Bagaduce Creamery Co., Charles Wilson, Castine.

Turner Center Dairying Association, Turner.

D.L. Fernald & Co., Inspectors and Packers of Fish. Among the many wholesale fish houses of Portland not one has a higher reputation for enterprise and uniformly fair dealing than that of D.L. Fernald & Co. Portland.

G.A. Brown, Fish dealer, Freeport.

Canned and Packaged Foods:
Patterson Bros., sardine canners, West Lubec.

Minot Packing Co., corn canners, Hartford.

Thurlow & Davis, herring canners, Cutler.

Northern Maine Packing Co., corn canners, Corinna.

Whittier, P., apple canners, Farmington Falls, Chesterville.

Coffin, J.A., blueberry packers, Columbia Falls.

E.D. Pettengill Co., In the manufacture of the best grades of pickles, vinegar, catsups, mustard, pickled limes and olives, preserves and jellies, the E.D. Pettengill Co. unquestionably takes the highest rank. As everybody knows, scarcely anything adds more of a relish to many kinds of food than a pleasantly acid substance, and pickles, such as their company makes, contain about all that is agreeable and nothing that is injurious.

American Ice Co., Augusta.

Day & Co., Potato Chip Manufacturer and Dealer. South Portland.

Murdock & Freeman Co., Manufacturers of Soda and Mineral Waters and all the Leading Summer Drinks. Portland, Rumford Falls.

A.D. Webber, Manufacturer of Corn Cakes, Corn Balls, etc. Portland. The delicious flavoring of Mr. Webber's productions is so well known that we only need give it passing mention. Great care is exercised in the selection of material and in its after handling, and we can confidently recommend the corn cakes and balls made here as being not only palatable, but healthful as well.

Curtis & Son, Manufacturers of Chewing Gum, Portland. Messers. Curtis & Son manufacture an exceptionally full line of spruce, mastic and rubber gums, and turn out no goods they cannot guarantee will prove as represented.

The Eureka Family Bread! Rice & Calderwood, Portland. Has been tried and is said to be fully equal to the Best Home Made Bread. Ask your Grocer for it. For sale from our Carts and from Bakery.

L'Heureux & Son. Dealers in Flour, Grain, and Feed, Lewiston.

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