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"The Nation's Playground": A Matter of Perspective - A Hearing
Assignment Sheet

You and the people in your group are residents of a small township in northern Maine in the early 1900s. A developer in the area is looking to build a new luxury hotel in your area. The township has decided to hold a hearing to consider the proposal. It is your task to prepare for the hearing with your group. Follow the instructions below.

Choose roles. Every member of the group must have a role. They are:

Facilitator: leads the discussion, makes sure everyone participates

Recorder: takes notes during discussion

Spokesperson: presents the group's position during the hearing

Timekeeper: remains aware of the time throughout the group's discussions, makes sure the group is accomplishing what they need to accomplish in the given time frame (if a group only has 3 people, the timekeeper can be combined with one of the other roles).

Discuss the proposal with your group. What would the members of your group think about a new luxury hotel opening up in their township? Use the information you learned from the video to inform your position. Your group should come up with a final position: either pro or con.

Prepare a statement to deliver during the hearing that outlines your group's point of view about the hotel. Your statement should be between 2-3 minutes long. It should state your group's position, pro or con, and support your opinion with 2-3 persuasive reasons.

Practice your statement before the hearing.

Present your statement on the day of the hearing. Be convincing! As your classmates are making their statements, make sure you pay attention, in case they make a point you want to rebut. The recorder should jot down these points or questions. Each group will have 1 minute to present their rebuttals after all the groups have given their statements.

Be prepared to vote for or against the proposal at the end of the hearing.

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