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Lesson 2: Road Tripping - Getting Acquainted with Your Map

Student Worksheet

This activity is based on a lesson called "Using Road Maps: The North Dakota Ethnic Trip," by Mathew Misialek, Carrington High School, Carrington North Dakota. The activity was prepared using the American Automobile Associationís road map of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, 1995.

1. What color are county names printed in?

2. Who published this map?

3. What number can you call in case of emergency?

4. What number do you call to reserve a place on the ferry from Portland, Maine to Yarmouth, Nova Scotia?

5. List three Maine state parks.

6. List the three highest peaks in Baxter State Park.

7. The mileage between Augusta and Bangor is

8. The mileage between Ellsworth and Calais is

9. The average time it takes to get from Jackman to Augusta is

10. Who do you contact for information about private road use and fees?

11. What kinds of roads are designated by black dots?

12. The symbol for a rest area with rest rooms is

13. The symbol for state and provincial roads is

14. The symbol for a paved undivided primary highway is

15. The symbol for a multi-lane divided primary highway is

16. Cities are shaded in what color?

17. On this map, one inch equals about miles.

18. The coordinates for Moxie Pond are

19. Find Milbridge and give the number of the highway that goes through that town.

20. Name the largest city in J-16.

21. From the city in number 21 above, follow highway 95 north to the first state road. Name the road and the exit number.

22. Give the coordinates of the Bigelow Mountain Range.

23. Traveling north from Wells, in what city can you pick up Interstate 495?

24. Continuing north on 495, in which town can you pick up Interstate 95 again?

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