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"Trails, Rails, and Roads"
Lesson 2: Road Tripping - Quiz

This activity is based on a lesson called "Using Road Maps: The North Dakota Ethnic Trip," by Mathew Misialek, Carrington High School, Carrington North Dakota. The activity was prepared using the American Automobile Associationís road map of Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont, 1995.

1. Why were most narrow gauge railroad tracks originally built?

2. What was one of Maine's first paved roads?

3. Describe the travels of the Ezekiel Merrill family in 1788.

4. What did early Maine motorists use instead of maps to navigate on Route 1?

5. Name the railroad that was known as "the railroad the potatoes built."

6. What did this railroad do for Aroostook County?

7. How did John Brickett protect the valley below Evans Notch from development?

8. The botanist Kate Furbish traveled to Aroostook County by stagecoach in 1881. What kinds of things did she notice about the roads?

9. Name two ways you can find out the mileage from one place to another on a map.

10. If you wanted to find a certain city on the map, what technique could you use to help you find its exact location?

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