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"Power Lines": The Story of Flagstaff

Assignment Sheet: Skit

You've learned the story of the flooding of Flagstaff from the video Power Lines. Now is your chance to reenact your own version of the story. How do you think the people of the town would have reacted to the idea of selling their land to the CMP? You and your group will write and perform a skit demonstrating your understanding of the story and how you imagine it might have happened. Follow the directions below.

1. Brainstorm with your group. What ideas do you have for your skit? When will it take place? On the day before Flagstaff is flooded? When the CMP first proposes the idea to the town? Think about which situation will be the most interesting or dramatic. Where will it take place? In the home of one of the characters? In the general store? At the filling station? In two or three different locations? Make sure the setting for your skit (the time and place) is clear.

2. Choose roles. Below are some suggested characters. You can create your own characters if you like, as long as you check with your teacher. Suggested characters are:

  • a farmer and/or his wife
  • owner of the general store
  • owner and/or workers in the filling station
  • Walter Wyman, or a representative of the CMP
  • a schoolteacher
  • an old man or woman who has lived in the village for over 60 years
  • a child
You may also choose to have a narrator, if your skit needs one.

3. Write the skit as a group. Make sure each member of the group has a significant part to play. A major part of your skit should involve a discussion of the pros and cons of flooding the town. Your skit should demonstrate your group's understanding of the story and the effects of the flooding of Flagstaff. It should be between 7 and 10 minutes long. You may wish to use costumes or props-decide ahead of time what they will be and who will be responsible for bringing them.

4. Practice your skit at least three times. Make sure your lines are memorized!

5. On the day designated by your teacher, be prepared to perform your skit. Remember to bring in any costumes or props you need. Enjoy yourselves!

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