William Pepperrell
(1696 - 1759)
William Pepperrell was one of the richest men in Maine during his time. With his wealth came power. He was born the son of an English colonist and successful merchant, who had first settled on the Isle of Shoals, and later moved to Kittery Point. William, Jr. helped his father run the business, which became known as the William Pepperrells. Their shipping business did very well, and William, Jr. eventually owned most of Saco and Scarborough. He married, advanced to become the colonel in command of the militia of the entire Province of Maine, represented Kittery in the Massachusetts legislature, and served as Massachusetts Chief of Justice. During King George's War, the British colonies planned to attack Louisbourg, a French stronghold on Cape Breton. Pepperrell was chosen to lead the charge. Pepperrell and his army attacked, and after a month of fighting, the French garrison surrendered. A year later, in 1746, Pepperrell was made a baronet - the first native of the colonies ever to receive that title. Pepperrell is also remembered as one of the few colonial Mainers who owned several slaves. He died in 1759.

Source: Dictionary of American Biography, Vol. XIV. ed. Allen Johnson. New York: Charles Scribners' Sons. 1929.

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