David Ingram was one of New England's early publicists, and is famous for his penchant for exaggeration. He claimed to have traveled the length of the eastern seaboard from Florida to Maine, and on his return to England, he told stories of what he saw on that journey. In an area that is thought to be near present-day Bangor, Ingram claimed to have visited the wealthy city of Norumbega, where the streets were "far broader than any street in London," the men were bedecked with gold and silver bracelets, and the women with gold plates and pearls as big as thumbs. He told of houses with pillars of gold, silver, and crystal, and spoke of how he could fish fist-sized nuggets of gold from the streams. Though Ingram may have lied, he did spark interest in the New England region, and other explorers followed in his footsteps, in search of this mythical land of Norumbega.

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