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Anita Clearfield

Tired of having good weather to shoot in all the time, producer/director Anita Clearfield left Los Angeles in the mid-'90s to take up the challenges of Maine video production. Still living near LA (Lewiston/Auburn that is), Clearfield soon grew to cherish snow days and working in flannel pajamas - her husband moved his video production business to the carriage house of their 1810 farmhouse. It actually took several years for most clients to realize she had left California (800 number, fax and e-mail being what it is).

Clearfield had been interested in art and photography since growing up in Denver - which led in a roundabout way to a B.F.A. in film at Syracuse University in New York. After graduating, she went to work for KPIX-TV, the CBS affiliate in San Francisco as an editor. In S.F., she received a grant to make her first PBS production, "Olivia Records: More Than Music," a half-hour documentary focusing on the women's recording company, their politics and music. She also co-produced and edited "Angela Davis: Walls into Bridges," a look at the activist as professor.

Highlights of her years in Los Angeles included receiving an American Film Institute Independent Filmmaker's grant to make a drama, "State of Mind," producing a feature documentary, "Vacation Nicaragua," during the contra war; as well as editing, production managing and/or directing several music videos and long form music programs. She also co-produced a 26-part documentary series on modern advances in biology for educational distribution by Harcourt-Brace.

Clearfield left the freelance life in 2001 for Maine Public Broadcasting Network and her first corporate cubicle since production managing at the Disney Studios in the early '80's. She produced and directed two programs for SCHOOL ZONES, a video documentary project that followed several Maine educators for a school year. Involving herself in the lives of the teachers, their families, students and schools was a demanding but fulfilling experience...which may explain why she signed up to work on another Maine Public Broadcasting Network series: QUEST.

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