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Gulf of Maine: More Info

Fishermen & Scientists

Many organizations encourage fishermen and scientists to work together to understand the Gulf of Maine ecosystem.

The Northeast Consortium was formed in 1999 by four research institutions:
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, The University of New Hampshire, The
University of Maine, and The Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Their
goal is to encourage and fund effective, co-equal partnerships among
commercial fishermen, researchers, and other stakeholders to become active
participants in cooperative research and development of selective fishing
gear technology.

For more information on their on-going research projects that partner
fishermen with scientists, see

For additional information on collaborations between fishermen and
scientists, the "Commercial Fisheries News" has an informative and colorful
website. Just click on "the Gulf of Maine" to find out about cooperative
research activities in our area.

And in Canada, the Fishermen and Scientists Research Society is a
clearinghouse for information on Canadian cooperative research. See:

Suggested reading:

The Great Gulf: Fishermen, Scientists, and the Struggle to Revive the
World's Greatest Fishery,
by David Dobbs, Released: September, 2000. ISBN: 1559636637

From Cape Cod to the Bay of Fundy, an environmental atlas of the Gulf of
edited by Philip W. Conkling, The MIT Press, 1995. ISBN 0-262-53127-5

Capturing the Commons, Devising Institutions to Manage the Maine Lobster
, by James M. Acheson, University Press of New England, 2003.
ISBN 1-58465-317-5

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