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Anti-Minimum Wage Ads Target Maine Voters
04/22/2014 Reported By:A.J. Higgins  

A fiscally-conservative national advocacy group is funding a week-long radio campaign urging opposition to a proposed increase in the federal minimum wage. The Employment Policies Institute claims that such an increase would cause the loss of hundreds of Maine jobs. Predictably, Republicans and Democrats take very different views on the issue. A.J. Higgins has more.

New Hampshire Hospital Lifts Veil on Prices

Transparency is a term often applied to calls for more open government. But it's also a concept that's being embraced by some New England hospitals. Among them, Elliot Hospital in New Hamsphire, which is being up front about how much it charges for various procedures. New Hampshire Public Radio's Todd Bookman reports.

Casco Bay High Students Confront Climate Change Challenge
04/22/2014 Reported By:Susan Sharon  

Today is Earth Day. But for the students at Casco Bay High School, every day is Earth Day. This year, juniors at the expeditionary public school have undertaken an in-depth, year-long exploration of the nation's dependence on fossil fuels. As part of their multi-disciplinary study, they recently traveled to the Rockaway area of Queens to document the effects of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy. They've also been considering the practical and ethical issues associated with what is likely to be the biggest challenge of their lifetime: confronting climate change. Susan Sharon has more.

Maine Bracing for Another Spruce Budworm Outbreak
04/21/2014 Reported By:Susan Sharon  

One of the most damaging native insects of spruce and fir trees is wreaking havoc in Quebec, where it has defoliated eight million acres of forest over the last several years. Forestry officials are now bracing for an imminent outbreak of spruce budworm in neighboring New Brunswick, one of the most forestry-dependent provinces in Canada. And here in Maine there are fears that the voracious insect could start destroying forest stands in the next two to four years. As Susan Sharon reports, steps are underway to fight back.

Maine 2nd District GOP Candidates Spar Over Support for Collins
04/21/2014 Reported By:A.J. Higgins  

The Raye for Congress campaign is demanding that 2nd District congressional primary rival Bruce Poliquin apologize for encouraging Republicans to vote Sen. Susan Collins out of office. Kevin Raye says Poliquin should be standing up for Collins instead of trying to elect her Democratic opponent, Shenna Bellows. A.J. Higgins has more.

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