The Mission of Maine Public

Every day Maine Public connects the people of Maine and our region to each other and to the world through the open exchange of information, ideas, and cultural content.


Maine Public will inform, inspire and delight.

We will be recognized throughout Maine and beyond as an organization that has made a distinct difference by focusing in a disciplined manner on the issues most important to Maine and by being relentless in pursuit of the truth about them. We will also be noted for the consistent quality of the cultural and entertainment programming that we provide through collaborations with other organizations and independent producers.

We will continue to be regarded as a superb financial steward by all of our supporters, investing resources wisely across our multiple services: Web, radio, TV and print. We will creatively build on the value created by PBS, NPR, and other organizations to deliver rich, rewarding content.

Maine Public will be known throughout Maine as an organization that listens and acts accordingly.

Our enterprise will help lead Maine towards its bright future.


At Maine Public we value:

Civic Engagement — We view our responsibility to promote awareness and participation in the democratic process as supremely important. We actively seek to make workings of government and the public conversation as accessible as possible.

Creativity — We recognize the critical role that creativity plays in our organization’s life, as well as the broader world. We support and nurture the kind of risk-taking and innovation that are hallmarks of a creative environment.

Ethical Standards — We maintain an unwavering commitment to fairness, transparency, tolerance, diversity, and accountability in everything we do.

Life Long Learning — We believe in the power of knowledge to transform lives and promote greater understanding. We endeavor to maximize the opportunities available to the public to participate in a culture of learning throughout their lives.

Public Service — We take our role as stewards of the public trust very seriously. We strive to build value in the communities we serve through initiatives and programming that have the public interest at heart.


Maine Public is our State's leading source of trusted insight and content about Maine and the world.

Organizational Overview

Public radio and television broadcasting in the United States is organized as a cooperative of community-based stations which pool resources to create shared national programming and individually serve the needs of their communities. Maine Public serves Maine and also reaches most of New Brunswick, Canada, and parts of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

Through its radio, television, educational and Web services, Maine Public provides ideas, information and lifelong learning to a diverse public. The majority of these services are available to everyone at no charge. Hundreds of thousands of people find value in Maine Public’s services every day. Private donations — including those received from radio members, television members, program sponsors and contributors of unrestricted gifts — comprise the largest source of revenue for the organization. The membership base alone totals over 60,000 individuals and families who form the largest nonprofit membership group in the state. In addition, thousands of volunteers donate their time and talents to the organization every year.

Formation of Maine Public

Maine Public was formed in 1992 through the merger of the educational radio and television stations provided by the University of Maine System and WCBB public television operated by Colby, Bates and Bowdoin Colleges. Maine Public is an independently owned and operated 501(c)3 nonprofit organization with office and studio locations in Bangor, Lewiston and Portland, Maine.

Leadership Team

Clare E. Hannan
Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Mark Vogelzang

Scott Marchildon
Vice President & Chief Development Officer

Jeff Mahaney
Chief Technology Officer

Rob Holt
Digital Director

Cory Morrissey
Director of Marketing & Business Development

Mark Simpson
News & Public Affairs Director

Jaclyn Mandrake
Director of Human Resources

Susan Tran
Interim Director of Content